Independence Day
by Ron Peacock

For some it's just another day
for fireworks and big parades
It's just a reason for a three day holiday

Mom's and Dad's throw bar-b-que's,
lot's of folks fly the red white and blue
The carnivals here there's so much you can do

Take a trip on down to the local mall, their having a sale so buy it all
The meaning of this day has become so obscured

Did you hear about the crossing of the Delaware?
Cold wind whipping through Washington's hair
'Don't tread on me' was our motto on that day

One if by land, two if by sea
We threw them out of Boston, what a victory
The glory of that time for all the world to see

Two hundred some odd years have past
We came together, we made it last
And yes we've had our troubles on the way

Cause freedom won comes with a price
Some gave all, they gave their lives
For a principle much larger than us all

Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes
at Bunker Hill was the battle cry
Our banner flew proud on that killing field

At Lexington and Concord Bridge
They made a sacrifice so we could live
In a land where the choices are our own

With the noblest intent, they signed that document
The will of the people, the right to represent

So fly the flag and praise to God
The souls that came before us all
and hold dear our Independence Day

Yeah, remember what it means Independence Day.

© July 3, 1998